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Dear Santa by Nancy Naigle

Author:  Nancy Naigle
Release Date: October 30, 2018

This story has a Hallmark channel feeling to it and unfortunately, I am not a fan. Dear Santa is about a small Christmas shop owner whose losing business thanks to a new super store in town owned by Geoff and his mother.  Their first unofficial meeting is in a local coffee shop and even though they did not exchange words, their smoldering looks was a great indicator of what was to come.  Angela has inherited a Christmas shop located inside of an old lighthouse from her grandma and she wants to keep her grandma's memory alive through this store.  Against the advice of her older sister, Angela decides to keep the store open even though it is hemorrhaging money. On the other hand, we have Geoff, a savvy business man with great success who enjoys the thrill of moving to a different city every year. This leads us to the main idea of the story which is the Dear Santa letters.  Of course they are delivered via app instead of being handwr…

Why Not Tonight by Susan Mallery

Author:  Susan Mallery
Release Date: September 18, 2018

The only happiness that I felt from this story was when I had gotten to the last word on the last page. What a long and tedious road that I had to travel to get the last page. It took me quite awhile to finish this book which is not a good sign.  I actually took a break after reading this book because this book did not inspire me at all.  Well I guess I should give you a blurb, so here it goes.
We have an art gallery office manager named Natalie and broody, glass artist named Ronan who ignorantly pursuea sexual relationship after getting trapped in his house in the mountains.To be completely honest with you, I thought this was a mountain man story, but I was sadly mistaken.Anyways, Natalie works in the art gallery that sells his work and his brothers' work as well.Ronan has been M.I.A for a couple of weeks and Natalie is sent to check up on him at the house on the hill or the mountain.A huge storm hits and she becomes trapped a…

Come Back To Me by Sharon Sala

Author: Sharon Sala
Release date: 08/28/2018

Sigh.!!!πŸ˜„πŸ’¨ Small town romances are among my favorite romance genres and Sharon Sala knows how to write said stories better than almost anyone else. This is book 6 in the Blessings, Georgia series and I have read 4 of these books.  This particular story revolves around Phoebe and Aidan, high school sweethearts whose lives were drastically changed after a fire.  This fire caused the two families to be at war with each other and caused the demise of Phoebe and Aidan's young love.  A death in the family brings Aidan back home 20 years later and he is met with a life changing surprise, a nineteen year old son.  As you can imagine, tensions run high when Aidan and Phoebe are faced with the mistakes of the past, but can they overcome it and focus on the future?
The writing style of this author is multiple point of views and it allows different characters to contribute to the story. From Aidan to local town folks, the world told through their …

Maybe for You by Nicole McLaughlin

Author: Nicole McLaughlin
Release Date:  August 28. 2018

Let me start by stating that the cover for this book is beautiful. Now let's get to the nitty gritty....

Whiskey and weddings. How good do they go to together? If you are like me, then you would say," very well" and you, my friend, are wonderful and correct.Although I would love to talk about whiskey and how great it is, we are here to talk about book three in the whiskey and wedding series titled, Maybe for You. This is book three in this series and it evolves around Dean's sister, Alex, and his friend and business partner, Jake. I read book one and I must say that this was much better than Charlotte and Dean's relationship. Yawn!!Anyways, if you read book one then you know that Alex fiancΓ©e died in a helicopter accident and she went to Italy for a year with the military.While away, her and Jake became very close and he helped her with her grief for such a tragic loss.Jake is the co-owner of The Stag along w…

Tough Luck Cowboy A.J Pine

Author: A.J. Pine
Release Date: August 28, 2018

I just want to pack all of my things and move to this small town. What a joy it is to be a part of such an imaginative, grounded, and exciting world. A.J Pine has an astonishing way of creating a world that's both riveting and relatable.  I wasn't even sure if this book needed a review because I loved every second and everything that this book had to offer. Well I guess in the tradition of writing reviews that I have to at least give you a blurb of said book.
This is book two in the Crossroads Ranch Series and it follows Luke, the middle brother of the bunch. Luke is a bull rider who is always the life of the party and he has a big secret that will ruin his friendship. There is also smart, feisty and ambitious Lily to balance out Luke and his shenanigans. Lily is the ex-wife of Luke's best friend and they have a great deal of dislike for each other or so we thought.Luke and his brother is in the process of opening a vineyard and…

True-Blue Cowboy by Sara Richardson

Author: Sara Richardson
Release Date: July 31, 2018

I just can't seem to get enough of cowboys.  This is another cowboy in tight jeans, a Stetson, and a big ego to match. I actually wasn't expecting another installment in the series because these book were originally for the Cortez brothers, which I loved by the way. Nonetheless,  when I saw it I had to read it.
This book follows Levi Cortez's friend, Mateo, and local city girl turned farmer named Everly. What starts out as a blind date turns into a war over land and then love...awww! Everly is renting a farm and Mateo had just become her new land lord. Mateo will be retiring soon from the rodeo and he wants to lay down some roots in the charming, small town. His plan is to turn the land into a condo development to turn a profit for his family back home in Mexico. Sparks fly as they try to put their feelings aside and one each other up. It's entertaining to say the least and Mateo,oh goodness me, speaks Spanish in this …

Saved by the Cowboy by A.J Pine

Author: A.J Pine
Release Date: August 07, 2018

Wow!! This is the second book that I have read by A.J Pine and I have found my favorite author.Her stories are so grounded and riveting that it makes me tingle all over.The first book that I read by this author was Second Chance Cowboy and I gave that story 5 stars and was well deserved.I read this book in one sitting after having to work for 8 hours and not even exhaustion stopped me from reading this book. It was impossible for me to put down. I guess I should give you the summary of the story since I already told you my rating. So let's jump in.!
I'm guessing this is 1.5 of the Crossroads Ranch series because it doesn't involve none of the Everett brothers. This book is also a lot shorter than the first book, but what it lacks in length it makes up for it in awesomeness. This book is about the sheriff and his "Cinderella".Sheriff Cash is enjoying a quiet night on traffic duty when a yellow beetle zooms past him goi…

Happy National Book Lover's Day!! :)

It's almost that time again! πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ˜•

Hey Lovers!, We Made it to the weekend. I am proud of you!! :)

Set the Night On Fire by Laura Trentham

Author: Laura Trentham
Release Date: 07/31/18

I truly enjoyed this read. It was intense, humorous and a bit of a life lesson twisted with in it. I simply love enemies to lovers stories and I just love it when a hero falls head over heels. Mack did not disappoint when it came to ruggedness,  stubbornness, and hotness.  Ella reeled this stallion in with her feistiness and determination.  Ella's journey was so empowering and her heart was as big as the state of Texas.  I really appreciate a strong female lead and Ella was most definitely a strong willed and successful woman.
This book is part of a series that I have not read before, but the author has a way of keeping me caught up with the other characters.  I did wonder what happened at the New Year's Eve party between Ella and Mac, but if their current chemistry is an indicator, then I'm guessing that it was intense and hot.
Mack, along with his 3 brothers, owns a car garage that was passed down from their father. One of the…

Cowboy On My Mind by R.C Ryan

Author: R.C Ryan
Date Released: June 26, 2018

This is the appropriate title for this book because this is what was on my mind when I read it.  A cowboy who doubles as the town deputy. Wooo hooo!! I loved it. He was charming and a little rough around the edges and boy was he swoon worthy.  My eyes just gobbled this book up and it had no regrets.  A true page turner with the sweetest and strongest family bond that I have, probably, ever read in  a long time. The Papa of the house, Mac, was on the verge of something terrible until 3 lost and hungry boys rolls into his life.  He took these boys into his heart and home which in turn, saved himself as well.  This book started off with a bang and the emotional turmoil that it caused me was greatly appreciated. Well I guess you know my thoughts on this story already.  My plan was to go with the normality of writing a review, but I just could not wait to tell everybody how warm and gooey this book made me feel.  This book had three things that …

This is all I desire!!

SandPiper Shore by Debbie Mason

Author: Debbie Mason
Released: June 27, 2018

Oh my goodness.!!! This book has been inducted to my top 5 list and it was unbelievable how this booked sucked me in and the events that transpired were even more crazy.

Let me just start by saying how honored I am to have read such an intense, delightful, and heartwarming about a woman with a special gift as a matchmaker. This story gave me such an afterglow and it just made me gooey inside.When I read a good book, it tends to have some side effects including but not limited to: smiling, crying, shouting at my husband about how good it was, staying up all hours of the night thinking about said story, and finally almost calling in to work sick because I want to roll around in the afterglow. Jenna and Logan had chemistry right when he saw her running down the street in a wedding dress and right down to the very last word.There is a ghost in this story but don't worry, it adds to the story.
I really don't have anything negative to say ab…

Only With You by Nicole McLaughlin

Author: Nicole McLaughlin
Release Date: June 5, 2018

A witty female lead and an emotional scarred hero, what can go wrong when opposites attract? By opposites, I mean Aiden,a reserved, broken character is drawn to free spirited Hannah with a great sense of humor. It took me awhile to realize that this book was a part of a seriesand book 4 nonetheless.Characters Hannah and Aiden are polar opposites and, yet , they are perfect for each other.Aiden is a reserved national guardsmen who goes to duty on the weekends.He is a great buddy of Hannah's best friend and all of them get together on the weekend to eat good food and socialize.Aiden has been watching Hannah for quite some time and he finally gets an opportunity to approach Hannah and develop a friendship.Once the friendship flourishes, it makes way for a sweet, intense, humorous love story.
Okay now that we have the less exciting stuff out of the way, let's talk about this book and the woo worthy hero with an embarrassing secre…

Happy 4th of July!!!

All I Am by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas
Release date: June 18, 2017

Drew's mouth and thoughts were so foul….and I loved every word that came from those hot lips.From time to time, I like to indulge in eroticas with dirty alphas with adorable daughters to keep them grounded.I was gonna say "adorable little girls to keep them grounded", but I wasn’t sure how that would have sounded.Anyways, this book started with a bang and some dirty chains. ;)Drew is a world renowned real estate agent with a thriving business, an adorable daughter, and a nasty habit of going to sex clubs.He meets a younger, but even kinkier Raya, ready to rock his world and blow his mind away. The feelings that he has for Raya are strong, unexpected, but will he have the guts to admit to love or will his alpha demeanor be his downfall?

For the most part, I liked the story and the heat that this story was giving off.I did not read any of the other books in the series, so I have no idea about the side characters, but I s…
Happy mother's day to all of the mothers. Where would the world be without us.☺

Bride Next Door by Hope Ramsay

Release date:  April 3, 2018
Author:  Hope Ramsay
Rating:  3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

I was so excited when this book was announced because I absolutely loved the other two books in the series.  Actually, "Small Town Bride" was one of my fav books of 2017 and the second installment, "Here Comes the Bride" was just as good.  Feel free to check out my reviews for these two books on my blog.  Did this book meet my expectations?  I had high hopes for this book because Courtney and Matt had great chemistry in the other two books and I just knew that their relationship would melt my kindle. 
First, let me tell you a little about the story.Courtney is the wedding planner of the small town and a renowned "ice queen".Courtney has this little side assignment where she labels guys such as "Not so nice guy" or "Player", but she getsa rude awakening when Matt comes along and knocks her on her heels.Matt is sort of like the bad apple of the Lyndon bunch.This family i…

Misadventures With My Roommate by Elizabeth Hayley

author:  Elizabeth Hayley
Release Date:  March 27, 2018 Rating :  3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

This story was mediocre.  Reading this book felt like an obligation and I hate feeling that way.  I had to force myself to finish this book because the characters just was not interesting to me.
I guess I already told you how I felt about it, so you are probably wondering what was this book all about?  Basically it is about roommates who have sex and falls in love, that is about it.  Well…I guess I do owe you a real review, so I will tell you the blurb. Don’t get too excited though.  😏

This book is part of a popular series called Misadventures and the books are written by different authors and each book is a stand-alone.  I think there about 15, if I'm not mistaken.  Anyways, this story gives us Blake, a quirky, non-filter having girl with a dry sense of humor and we have Gavin, a photographer and the complete opposite of Blake.  Blake and Gavin are actually co-workers at a local coffee shop and Blake'…

Accounting for Love by Erin Wright

Author:  Erin Wright
Release Date:  March 14, 2018
Rating:  4 Cowboy Stars 🀠🀠🀠🀠

What can I say?  I have a weakness for broody cowboys with huge "chips" on their shoulders and a rocking hot bod to go with it. Stetson was so hot, rude and he knew how to get his hands dirty. Stetson is a livestock rancher who is in default on his loan.  The bank's last attempt to get their money comes in the form of Lindsay, an auditor for the bank. Lindsay's job is to audit the farm's records to see if there are any stones left unturned where money is concerned.  Stetson hates Lindsay's guts from the jump and he does not want some "woman" in his life or his farm rummaging through his things. I loved his relationship with his housekeeper and the respect that he had for her.
The family dynamic was intense with Stetson and his older brothers.I felt every emotion that these brothers were feeling and when they had a that big fight…I had to grab me some popcorn because I…

Long Shot by Kelly Jamieson

Release Date: February 27, 2018

The Long Shot is a story about moving forward into future and allowing love to take control. Cade is a control freak in every sense of the word and Reece is a strong, "take nothing from anyone" woman witha mysterious past.After Cade finds out that Reece has PTSD symptoms, he is on a mission to save her, but the table turns when Reece shows Cade that it is okay to lose a little control and to let life happen. So who do you think will fall first?Well let's find out…………………………
This story started out fairly slow for me. I liked Reece and Cade together, but the relationship took so long to happen and when it did happened, it most certainly happened.Reece was a waitress at The Conquistador's, a restaurant that Cade owns along with his two best friends and navy seal buddies.The restaurant needs a new cook and a new menu to drive their food sales and in comes Reece.She does not want anyone to know that she is a "foofoo" chef from New …

What kind of Reader Are You???

Homecoming Ranch by Julia London

Author: Julia London
Release Date:  August 13, 2013
Rating:  5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I honestly do not remember purchasing this book, but I am glad I did. Homecoming ranch is a delight. 2018 has been all about small town romances for me so far and I am loving it. In this story we have well organized , 6-inch stilettos wearing Madeline, a great real estate agent who is summoned to Colorado to lay claim to a ranch that she inherited from her father, whom she did not know existed, along with her two unknown sisters. On the other hand, we have Luke, an ambitious, selfless builder with a heavy burden on his back, his family.Luke has a terminally ill brother named Leo and with his father desperate for some cash to pay for Leo's care, he takes a second mortgage on his ranch with his best friend whom is Madeline's absent father. Luke's father made a huge mistake by making an oral contract instead of an actual written contract, so due to Grant's death, there is no proof of the buy-back that Luke…

Second Chance Cowboy by A.J. Pine

Author:  A.J. Pine
Date released:  February 27, 2018
Rating:  5 Cowboy Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🀠

I just love it when a books gives me chills because of the intensity and realness of the book.  This is it you guys.!My first 5 Star read of 2018 and I am proud to say that this year is starting off great for cowboys.From the very first page, I knew that I was gonna love this book and its characters.This story is about love, second chances, and family which really touched me in a wonderful way.The intensity of their relationship was so powerful and realistic that it made me tingle.

We have Ava and Jack, high school sweethearts who had the sweetest love ever at the tender age of 18.  Ava makes a huge mistake by sending Jack away and unbeknownst to Jack, she is pregnant. Fast forward 10 years, Jack comes back to town to attend his father's funeral and is surprised to learn that he has inherited a ranch and a vineyard along with his 2 brothers. Looking to sell the vineyard, he enlists the help of Ava,…

The First Kiss of Spring by Emily March

Author:  Emily March
Release Date:  February 27,2018
Rating: 4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Josh and Caitlyn 's relationship started off hot and it most definitely stayed steamy. This story is typically about friends with benefits and then someone falls in love. Can you guess who fell first.?
Springtime is a time for new beginnings and Eternity Springs is the place where Josh is looking for a fresh start.  The First Kiss of Spring is a small town love story about love, forgiveness, and courage.  We have Caitlyn a small town girl turned city girl who comes to visit a small town in Colorado when she meets this smoldering hot man named Josh and his adorable crippled dog.  Their first meeting finds them trapped on a  gondola, in midair of course, and they hit it off in a major way.  Caitlyn invites Josh as her plus one to her college friend's wedding and the story takes off.  Caitlyn thinks Josh is the one, but Josh feels differently.  Caitlyn is on a mission to prove to Josh that love exists and he s…

The Cowboy's Nanny by Emerson Rose

Author: Emerson Rose
Release Date: July 10, 2017
Rating: 3.5 ⭐⭐⭐1∕2

First off, he is not a cowboy. He is a billionaire rancher and this really took me away from the story.  That was the first strike.  I will give you the rest of the strikes later, so with that being said, let's jump into this "cowboy" story.  We have a billionaire rancher, Ash, whom is attending a conference with his yelling son in tow when he meets Stella, a rancher attending the conference in the absence of her father. Cannon, Ash's son, takes a liking to Stella and so does Ash.  While pursuing a sexual relationship for a week, Ash convinces Stella to spend another week with him and Cannon in his home. This ultimately works and Stella decides that she should go to get to know them better.
This  is what I call a "countdown love story".  This is when the two lead characters spend a certain amount of time together with the impending doom of a deadline.  I liked Ash with his potty mouth and his…

Cowboy Up by Harper Sloan

Author:  Harper Sloan
Release date: December 19, 2017  

This is my first review in 2018 and I must say that it started on a sweet note. Cowboy Up is the third installment in the Coming home series and it follows Clayton, the third and eldest sibling to Quinn and Maverick.  We get small doses of Clayton throughout the series and I was intrigued with his character, so I jumped out of my boots when this book was released.  Clayton is portrayed as the head of the family, loves to maintain control, and broody, but here comes timid Caroline and she makes him lose all of his control.  When poor Caroline falls on hard times, Clayton and his large…cowboy boots comes to the rescue and one of the most sappiest couples that I have ever seen or read happens and flourish.
Now I absolutely loved Clayton and his cowboy mannerisms and he most definitely made me swoon. ;)  He developed as a character and I loved him with Caroline and his cute nickname for her.  Their chemistry was off the charts and the …

Happy New Year 2018

I know I am about 3 days late, but I couldn't let the New Year go bye without wishing all of my favorite readers a prosperous year.✌πŸ‘€❤❤πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ’“