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One Sexy Mistake by Sarah Ballance

Author:  Sarah Ballance Date Released: November 28, 2016 Genre: Romance Rating:  3 Stars ***

If it wasn't for the weird beginning to this story, I would have gave this book 4 Stars.  This story started out really weird for me to say the least,  but it grabbed my attention. I am glad that I gave this book a chance because this story is really sweet.  This book is about two computer hackers who find love on a dating app. Olivia is a computer hacker who was fired from her job because of her program being prematurely released by someone.  To make matters worse,  she is dumped by her boyfriend the next day. Wanting to have a no strings sexy one night stand, she meets Grady on line, whom is also a computer hacker.
The beginning is so awkward and stupid, that I almost quit. She meets this guy on line and goes to his house, not knowing whether he is a serial killer or not. Then they proceed to have sex, but it is so awkward and it made me cringe. Thankfully the author pulled it together and …

What You Do To Me by Barbara Longley

Author:  Barbara Longley
Date released: November 1, 2016
Genre: Romance
Rating: 3 Stars ***

This book is okay overall and I like the hero and heroine of this story.  This was a new plot that I have never seen before and I enjoyed that very much.This story is about a woman is left two weeks before her wedding to her high school sweet heart.  Trying to pull her out the hole, her mom sets her up with the famous Handy Man, Sam, whom is unaware that he is being set up.  While listening to a radio show, Sam hears one of his client talking about the sexual things that happened between the two.  Sam stupidly reveals his real name and the adventure start from there.  

The chemistry between the two are there and of course, we have the typical guy who does not do relationships and the cliché aspect of the story where the female character is afraid to trust the guy, but proceeds to kiss him most of the time.  That kinda threw me off because according to the book, she was deeply scared because her fian…

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

This a time of giving thanks and spending time with family.  I just want to extend my thanks to my readers of this blog because you all spend your valuable time reading about my passion. Now that I am done stuffing my face and cooking all night long, I am going to jump into a book. Happy reading.!!

The Matchmaker's Replacement by Rachel Van Dyken

Author:  Rachel Van Dyken
Released: August 9, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 2 Stars**

When the hero of the book is a first class jerk, the author has to tread lightly because he can become very boring and not relatable.  This is exactly what happened here. Lex is not very likeable and I feel like his character is not really relatable. His personality comes off as an asshole, not a hot alpha.  I rushed to experience the kindle-in-motion content in this novel and at first I loved it, but as the story went on the guy that is playing Lex does not fit the description very well.  This guy is a nerd and not a hot one.  But I will say that he is cute, but he just did not give off the hot, sex nerd that the author was going for. I love nerds by the way, but his body is flat and it did nothing for me. In the book, Lex is described to be a nerd, but he is also described to have a muscular build and his hotness is supposed to be off of the radar.  I feel like I am reading about Ian all o…

Why You should BLOG?

Why should you Blog?? Well, the answer to that question would express yourself.  I am a bookworm, no doubt about it.  I feel like I would make a mark on the world by expressing myself through this blog.  My blog is about reviewing books in the romance genre and just reaching out to my fellow book worms. I feel like I don't put enough of personality in this blog and I plan to rectify the situation.  The internet is a vast world of opinions, creativity, ideas, and of course, my favorite, memes.  One interesting fact about me is that I have never been to a club before... Does that make me lame or what???  Some may say yes, but I would be at home reading a book rather than going to a sweaty place. :)

Craving by Helen Hardt

Author:  Helen Hardt
Released: May 31, 2016
Genre:  Romance
Rating: 4 Stars

I read this series fairly quickly because it was a page turner.  The spark between Jade and Talon is so electric and the author wrote this story beautifully.  The author's writing was so realistic and I great example of good storytelling.  There is a big mystery in this book and the author wrote it so well.  This is truly entertaining and this book is HOT, in all caps.  It has been awhile since a book has made me want to throw my husband on the bed and I must say that this book made me think naughty thoughts. ;) 
The hero in this book, Talon, was a major alpha and I did not expect to love him….  When the story starts I immediately take a liking to Jade because she is smart, funny, and I could totally relate to her.  Talon is an ex-military veteran who experienced a painful experience as a Child.  The book was really intense and I loved it, but that leads me to the negative element of this book.  There was a l…

Love & Lagers by Liz Crow

Author: Liz Crow
Release Date: 11/1/2016
Genre: Military Romance
Rating: 3 Stars

This was an okay read overall.  There wasn't a wow factor, but the plot pulled me in.  This story follows Lainey and Owen who is  an ex-military veteran with a prosthetic leg.  The relationship between these two characters seems forced and the I just did not feel the chemistry between these two characters.  The "I love you" seemed forced as well and the writing did not emit those feelings very well. I liked Owen as the Hero because he had heart and he was man with a painful past. Because of the negligence of Owen's parents, he is unofficially adopted by his best friend's parents and the love within this family is great.  I am very interested in the other relationships involving his best friend's widow and his other best friend, Antony, relationship.   Lainey was also a character with a painful past and the situation with her was very surprising.  The climax in this story could have …

Love & Lagers by Liz Crowe Release Blitz

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#Synopsis: Owen Taylor lost everything in Iraq—his best friend, his faith in humanity, and his leg. Haunted by the past, and unwilling to accept the future, he takes an IT job with the Guardian Angels Protection Services (GAPS).
Former chef turned GAPS operations manager Lainey Jackson discovers a connection with Owen—a shared love of great food and beer. Terrified by his attraction to her, Owen shuts down, leaving her wondering if she’ll ever have a normal relationship again.
But by the time Owen can admit his feelings for her, he and his fellow GAPS agents must step in when the dangerous secret Lainey's been running from ca…