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"Wrong Question, Right Answer" By Elle Casey

This has to be my favorite book in the entire series. Toni shines in this book and I really felt that spark between her and Lucky. I always wondered about Toni in the other stories and I am so glad that she was given her own book. Toni is her own worst enemy and I love how Lucky is so patient with her and allows her to become a better. Lucky is a kind soul who has to deal with his own loss and I love how he is not this alpha type because that would take away from his character. I don't even know where to start with this review. Let me start with the summary, I guess. Toni works for the Bourbon Street Security and her world begins to change when May and Jen comes into the picture. Feeling a little envious of the love fever going around, she withdraws from the group and deals with her demons alone. Though Toni wants to drown in her own misery, Lucky comes along and throws a fast ball. After a night of drinking, Lucky reveals his feelings and the rest is history. You see, Lucky and T…

"Wrong Number, Right Guy" by Elle Casey

Once again Elle Casey had hurt my sides hurting from laughter. I really enjoyed this book and I am going to tell you why. This book follows May, who by the way is hilarious, who is a 28 year old photographer who walks into the wrong place at the wrong time. She receives a text from an unknown number, whom she believes is her sister, and ends up at a biker bar. She is rescued by a mysterious bearded guy from a shooter and that is when the madness begins. Though at times May seemed to be a teenager in a grown woman's body, she is tough, witty, and very lovable. One of the moments, that supports my words about May acting like a teenager is when she starts to receive text messages from the unknown number. As the author is telling the story, I am yelling at my kindle because the reader can tell that it is not her sister at all.  The choices that May makes in that situation is very juvenile.  Anyways, Elle Casey wrote this book beautifully and the storytelling is really compelling. This…

:Twisted Up" by Erin Nicholas

This book tells the story of Avery and Jake and they are kinda high school sweethearts.  Let me start by saying that this is a sweet book and Avery was a good heroine.  She did not have a good upbringing, but that did not stop her from becoming the town fire chief.  Jake is the town golden boy who comes to town for their 10 year high school reunion.  I did not enjoy this book at all.  The romance aspect was not there and I did not feel the chemistry between Avery and Jake.  All there was between these was bickering and sex.  To add insult to injury, the sex scenes were not all that great. They both misunderstood each other's feelings and in the middle of the story, it is revealed that Avery's issue is not with Jake, but with his parents.  I could have done without that little element.  I wanted to read about their relationship and how they were able to become the people that they were.  The dialogue was bland and Avery kept saying, "oh boy that's not good" and i…

"Protect Me" by Margaret Watson

I have seen some good reviews for this book and I am not able to see the reason why. There were some good things about this book and there were also some negative things. First off, the grammar was spot on and I loved that Mia was the one doing the protecting. #girlpower. The negatives are plain and simple...It was boring. This story did not grab me and I did not feel the chemistry between these characters. The chemistry was not there and I just did not care if they got together or not, which is a bad thing. If a book doesnt grab me from the beginning, that is a bad sign of whats to come. Another thing that bothered me about this book was the fact that it was so much monologue and the characters barely spoke to one another. That is a huge pet peeve of mine and i do not like reading when the character is telling me what the other character is feeling. This book did nothing for me.


"Friday" by E.L Todd

I initially thought that being the order that the series was written, I would not enjoy this book because i already knew the ending. I was totally wrong, You see, this story was intense, beautiful, and full of life. I could not have asked for a better heroine than Marie. Marie is strong, loyal, and she does not let Axel run her over. In addition to getting a look inside of Marie and Axel’s relationship, we also get a look at Frankie and Hawke struggles. I was so happy for Frankie in this story and it gave me a new understanding of the novel “WEdnesday” and why she felt those things and did those things with Kyle. Although I knew that Marie and Axel will get married and have kids, it did not ruin this story for me. E.L Todd wrote this so beautifully and it flowed like water. The pace was steady and the disagreements between the two were intense. I could relate to this book and that is the most awesome thing in the world. When Axel finally admitted his feelings to Marie, it was so inten…

"monday" by E.L Todd

I am a fan of E.L Todd and this book was good and I am glad that I got the opportunity to read a different plot this time around. This story is about characters, Frankie and Hawke, and it tells the story of their journey of accepting love and friendship. I enjoyed this story but there were a few things that i did not like about this story. Let me start with the positives…The book was written really well and i did not see any grammatical errors. The characters were fully developed and i understood the choices that were made about their relationship. The story was interesting, well rounded and it kept my attention throughout the entire book. Now lets move on to the negative elements…I loved that Frankie was a strong female character but at times, she became really annoying to me. She was really, really stubborn and sometimes this type of character can become overbearing and come across as a bitch. I’m just saying…Towards the end of the book, the story sorta slowed down for me and the co…

"Worth the trouble" St. James book 2 by Jamie Beck

Worth the Trouble  is book two of the St. James series written by Jamie Beck.  Now let me start by saying that I am huge fan of Jamie Beck because she is a talented author and  her writing is phenomenal.  Now let’s get to the reason that you all are here…the review of this book! This novel is about Cat, a model in her own, and Hank, a hot carpenter, who have strong feelings for each other but are hesitant to act on those feelings.  In the first book of the series,  Cat and Hank are introduced as supportive characters and the chemistry between these two are undeniable.   Let me start with the positive elements of this novel,  the writing is phenomenal and the story goes at a steady pace.  The author takes the time to develop these two characters and to express the turmoil of feelings that each character goes through. Now lets get to the messy aspect of this review....I absolutely hated this book and I am so disappointed because I loved the first one. I waited a long time for this book …

"While you were Mine" book review

At first I was not a big fan of historical romance, but I read the synopsis and decided to give it a chance. This book tells the story of a single woman who is left with an infant by her roommate and as the war comes to an end, the infant’s father comes to claim his child. The father has no idea about how to care for a toddler and asks for Gwen’s help. The chemistry between these two starts to spark and the book takes you on an amazing journey through history. I am so glad that I took the time to read this book and I would encourage you to do so. This book is written by author Ann Howard Creel and it takes place during the World War II. Now before you decide that you don’t want another history lesson, I want you to read on. This book grasped me from the beginning and I was surprised at the glorious detail that this author allowed, me as a reader, to take a look inside that famous photo. The character development was wonderful and I really felt for John and Gwen throughout this…

Review Policy

Review Policy
In the event that you want your book reviewed, here are a couple points to make certain that we are a good fit. I am a huge fan of the romance genre and I typically review from contemporary, young adult romance, romantic comedies, etc.I am not really interested in fantasy books or suspenseful genresI am a fast reader so, it takes about a total of 4 days to read the book and write a review.I would prefer the book to be in either one of these formats: edub or PDF format FYI:  I am a huge supporter of indie authors and I would absolutely love to help you get your masterpiece to the world.
First off, let me introduce myself properly.  I am a huge fan of books, especially romance.  Reading books is a way to escape my reality and relieves my stress.  Believe it or not, books are like an entrance to an alternate universe because you can discover yourself or perhaps just live a fantasy through the words on the pages of the book.  I created this blog to review romance books and to meet new people who shares the same passion for books as I do.  One of the major things that I love about romance novels is, of course, the men.!! yes darling.!! I just love good, interesting, and hot book boyfriend that I can visit every night..!!! Stay tuned and share my passion with me.!!!

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