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Set the Night On Fire by Laura Trentham

Author: Laura Trentham
Release Date: 07/31/18

I truly enjoyed this read. It was intense, humorous and a bit of a life lesson twisted with in it. I simply love enemies to lovers stories and I just love it when a hero falls head over heels. Mack did not disappoint when it came to ruggedness,  stubbornness, and hotness.  Ella reeled this stallion in with her feistiness and determination.  Ella's journey was so empowering and her heart was as big as the state of Texas.  I really appreciate a strong female lead and Ella was most definitely a strong willed and successful woman.
This book is part of a series that I have not read before, but the author has a way of keeping me caught up with the other characters.  I did wonder what happened at the New Year's Eve party between Ella and Mac, but if their current chemistry is an indicator, then I'm guessing that it was intense and hot.
Mack, along with his 3 brothers, owns a car garage that was passed down from their father. One of the…

Cowboy On My Mind by R.C Ryan

Author: R.C Ryan
Date Released: June 26, 2018

This is the appropriate title for this book because this is what was on my mind when I read it.  A cowboy who doubles as the town deputy. Wooo hooo!! I loved it. He was charming and a little rough around the edges and boy was he swoon worthy.  My eyes just gobbled this book up and it had no regrets.  A true page turner with the sweetest and strongest family bond that I have, probably, ever read in  a long time. The Papa of the house, Mac, was on the verge of something terrible until 3 lost and hungry boys rolls into his life.  He took these boys into his heart and home which in turn, saved himself as well.  This book started off with a bang and the emotional turmoil that it caused me was greatly appreciated. Well I guess you know my thoughts on this story already.  My plan was to go with the normality of writing a review, but I just could not wait to tell everybody how warm and gooey this book made me feel.  This book had three things that …

This is all I desire!!

SandPiper Shore by Debbie Mason

Author: Debbie Mason
Released: June 27, 2018

Oh my goodness.!!! This book has been inducted to my top 5 list and it was unbelievable how this booked sucked me in and the events that transpired were even more crazy.

Let me just start by saying how honored I am to have read such an intense, delightful, and heartwarming about a woman with a special gift as a matchmaker. This story gave me such an afterglow and it just made me gooey inside.When I read a good book, it tends to have some side effects including but not limited to: smiling, crying, shouting at my husband about how good it was, staying up all hours of the night thinking about said story, and finally almost calling in to work sick because I want to roll around in the afterglow. Jenna and Logan had chemistry right when he saw her running down the street in a wedding dress and right down to the very last word.There is a ghost in this story but don't worry, it adds to the story.
I really don't have anything negative to say ab…

Only With You by Nicole McLaughlin

Author: Nicole McLaughlin
Release Date: June 5, 2018

A witty female lead and an emotional scarred hero, what can go wrong when opposites attract? By opposites, I mean Aiden,a reserved, broken character is drawn to free spirited Hannah with a great sense of humor. It took me awhile to realize that this book was a part of a seriesand book 4 nonetheless.Characters Hannah and Aiden are polar opposites and, yet , they are perfect for each other.Aiden is a reserved national guardsmen who goes to duty on the weekends.He is a great buddy of Hannah's best friend and all of them get together on the weekend to eat good food and socialize.Aiden has been watching Hannah for quite some time and he finally gets an opportunity to approach Hannah and develop a friendship.Once the friendship flourishes, it makes way for a sweet, intense, humorous love story.
Okay now that we have the less exciting stuff out of the way, let's talk about this book and the woo worthy hero with an embarrassing secre…

Happy 4th of July!!!