Rating System

Outlined below is my own rating scale. My reviews are simply my opinions and my thoughts on a particular book, that does not mean that the book was not of quality.  It just means that if a book received a 1 or 2 star rating that I, as a individual, did not favor the book. Not everyone will be in agreement with my reviews, and that’s fine. There are no hard feelings, my blog is a safe place. 😎

Okay... So now that we have all of the disclaimer business out of the way, let's get to my rating scale system. 

5 Stars:  I loved it three times over.!! It was Awesome without any Flaws.!! It is not often that I throw these star around because it means that the story was PERFECTION. This rating means I ABSOLUTELY loved it.!!!  The plot made sense, the writing was good, and the characters were well written.  The story has to snatch me from beginning to end and just tempt me to want to read and drive. I do not....I repeat...I do not read and drive. What I mean is that I do not want to put the book down, even when I have to be a grown up and go to work. It also means that the characters were memorable and it made me think about the characters even after I read the story.  The five star rating also means that the book had taken me through a series of emotions.  I am a very emotional person and I really appreciate a heart-felt story.

4 Stars:  Keeps me hooked and turning the pages.  A Great Read, but had a couple of Issues. This rating means that I liked it a lot, but not quite in the loving stage.  The plot still has to make sense and the characters would have to be memorable.  A major element is the ability to keep me entertained, whether it is by humor or just the story itself, I have to be entertained. The couple issues that will come with this rating would be grammatical errors that took away from the story or the pacing of the story.  The four star rating is a good rating, but it means that there is room for improvement.

3 Stars: An Overall good read, but the story must have lost me for a moment.!!!  A 3 Star rating is a positive mark on my rating system.  This rating means that at some point the story slowed down or the author started to throw things in the story that did not make any sense.  I will still have to be entertained, but the characters are not to my liking.  There are many characters out there that gets this rating because either the female character is a pushover and clueless character or the male character is a meathead with no personality.  The overall quality of the story still has to be present with the addition of several issues.

2 Stars:  I hated the book mostly, but there are a couple good things about the book.  While I absolutely hate to give this rating, I will give this rating to a story that has no plot, annoying characters, and major pacing issues.  The story would have to make me want to pull my hair clean from my follicles out of frustration.

1 Star:  This book is not for me.  This book bored me out of my mind and I would rather sit in Texas traffic at 5 in the evening than read this story.  I hate it, I hate, it and I hate it  I can count on one hand the number of times that I have gave this rating.  Usually those books that receives a 1 star rating is a punishment to read.  No plot, characters are forgotten in t-minus one minute, and the entire book makes me want to throw my kindle, which I cherish by the way, into the pits of hell. 😡🔥


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