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Bet on it by Elizabeth Perry

Author:  Elizabeth Perry
Release date:  September 19, 2017
Rating:  4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

May I start off by saying that this cover is H-O-T.  Okay, drooling session over. Let's get into this review.  
This book took a while to build momentum, but I am glad that I stuck around because this book was good.  This book is a about a pro baseball player who, dumbly, places a bet that he can get the new team's "MOM" to sleep with him, so that she can get fired.  This book is told from both Laci's and Jake's pov and I loved Jake all the way. While trying to win the bet against his teammates, Jake gets to know the "mommy" and starts to realize that she is an amazing woman and starts  to develop feelings for her. 

I will not spoil the details, but Jake was a wonderful hero and even though he suffered heartbreak, that did not stop him from having faith in love and placing his heart on the line.  Eventhough Jake was pressured to take on the bet, he was such a sweetheart wit…

Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin

Author:  Isabelle Ronin
Release Date:  September 05, 2017
Rating:  3 Stars ☆☆☆

This book was on the Goodreads' must read list and I jumped at the chance to read it, but was the story worth the hype though.? This story about a girl named Veronica or Red, which is what Caleb calls her.  Red is a girl with a troubled past and down on her luck when she runs into Caleb at a club.  Caleb is a basketball superstar who notices Veronica in a smoking, hot dress, which is where her nickname comes from.  The two meet up and go their separate ways, but fate has its way and they end up at Caleb's apartment.  It's not what you are thinking because Caleb is a renowned Superman who just can't turn his back on a damsel in distress.  This story is pretty much about their relationship blooming and Caleb trying to show Red that she can trust him. 
There was so much hype around this story that I had high expectations.  Sadly my expectations were not met because this story dragged along and i…