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Where Good Girls Go To Die by Holly Renee

Author: Holly Renee
Date released: April 13, 2017
Rating:  4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The title alone is very catchy and the reason why I gave this book a chance. This book was awesome sauce.  Like, I genuinely enjoyed reading this book and I enjoyed the characters Parker and Livy.This is my first book from this author and I must say that I am glad that I took a chance because she is talented.Characters, Parker and Livy, are high school sweethearts who breaks apart and four years later reunites again. Lies, secrets, and a pregnancy causes them to break apart.This book goes back and forth between past and present to show the blossoming of their young love and the ultimate demise of their relationship.The books starts out with Livy being a stripper and from there the book takes off.She is called to dance for abachelor party and little does she know that the bachelor is Parker.And guess who else is in attendance?Her brother.Yuck and that is very uncomfortable.Her brother demands that she comes home with …

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Loving the Texas Lawman by Charlene Sands

Author:  Charlene Sands Release Date:  May 22, 2017 Rating: 3 Stars⭐⭐⭐

Loving the Texas Lawman is a story about love once lost and found once again. At least that is what Jillian and Jack wants the small town of Hope Wells to believe. A fake marriage is what they both need to get something that they desperately need. Jillian needs Jack's polished and respectable reputation and Jack needs to adopt a little boy named Beau and having Jillian pose as his wife will give the illusion that he is able to care for Beau. Jillian, a lingerie designer, who comes back  home  to open a new store and to rebuild her business' reputation. Taken back at his first love return, Jack, the town sheriff, is determined to keep her at arms length. Unfortunately, fate has a plan and it involves love, sex, and a second chance at true love.
For the most part I enjoyed the story and the characters, but the pacing in this story is very slow. I was looking for the magic that took place in book one, but this bo…

One Little Word by Elizabeth Perry

Release date:  April 23, 2017
Rating:  4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

What a beautiful story.  This is a second-chance romance at its best and it is not an easy ride to get to the happily ever after.  Characters,  Reese and Beckett are high school sweethearts who were supposed to get married ten years ago, but life happened and lies were told.  Reese left Beckett at the altar and Beckett was left devastated.  This couple went through so much together and I was so glad when the truth was revealed.  They lost so much time together and I really loved them together.  There were flashbacks in this story and it gave both characters a backstory and revealed how their loved bloomed and crashed.  The chemistry between these two jumped off the page and I could not get enough of Beckett.  Beckett was a man who loved hard and his poor heart was broken by Reese.  Reese is another character who loved hard but instead of facing her problems she ran away.
There were a lot of grammatical errors.  The usage of "your&…

Hot Shot by Kelly Jamieson

Author:  Kelly Jamieson
Release date:  May 16, 2017 Rating:  4 Stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

I give this book four smoking, caliente stars because Marco is a shot that I do not mind taking straight.  Hot Shot is a story about two insecure individuals who come together and find love, acceptance, self-confidence. Former Navy Seal hottie Marco is as hot as it gets and I absolutely loved him in this story. He was straight forward and went after what he wanted.  I did not read the first book in the series and that did not take away the enjoyment.  Every character was introduced marvelously and this story was brought to life with compelling characters and a good love story.  I enjoyed the characters' journey to finding love and this story also had some heat to balance it.   The characters were very compatible and I could not get enough of the sizzling chemistry between Marco and  Carrie.  The characters were well developed with Marco being a character looking for a family and  Carrie wanting to feel a part of…
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Piece of my Heart by Sharon Sala

Author:  Sharon Sala
Release Date: May 01, 2017
Rating: 4 Stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Every time I read one her books, it sends me to a happy place and I always love her characters. This story is about a Harley driving heroine named Mercy and a police chief named Lon.  After walking in on a robbery of her apartment, Mercy is devastated and when her neighbor offers his hand and many other things, Mercy's night take a sexy turn. Mercy did what any other person who has a one-night stand would do, she sneaks out in the wee hours of the morning and not expecting to see this kind stranger again. Fast forward seven years and now we have the big meet up with Mercy and the sexy, stranger/ neighbor as the police chief in Blessings, Georgia.  Mercy was raised in the foster care system and was separated from her sister, which will play a major role in this story, and she is working as a waitress at a rundown bar.  After getting a call that her rare blood type is needed for a blood transfusion, she jumps on her mo…