Turbulent Desires

Book information:
date released: November 08, 2016
author: Melody Anne
genre: Romance 
Rating: 2 stars

I had high hopes for this book because I absolutely loved book one, but I was wrong.  This is book 2 in the Aviators series and it is about Maverick and Lindsey, Stormy's best friend from book one.  Lindsey and Maverick had a one night stand at Stormy's wedding (sound familiar) and a year later Lindsey is attacked at work.  She was nearly killed and this experience caused her to get PTSD.  Stormy and Cooper offers her place to stay and Maverick makes it his mission to show Lindsey that the world can be a beautiful place.  The plot in this story was strong, loving and it was different.  I feel that it was not nurtured enough to make this a great and interesting story.  Melody Ann is one of my favorite authors, but this book is not her best work.   I really hate to write these words, but….this book was a complete bore.  I do not know what happened with these two characters, but it took me longer than normal for me to read this book because I just was not interested in the characters. 

First off, Lindsey is the most confused character that I have ever read.  "does he like me or, wait, he is smiling at me and calling me beautiful, but I don’t think he like me, but oh wait, the look in his eyes tells me he likes me"…these are my emotions while reading this book.  The sad part is that I am not exaggerating about how confused Lindsey is. She kept asking herself the questions instead of asking Maverick.  Maverick and Lindsey were not interesting to me one bit. Two of the major things that turned me off with this book was Lindsey and her ability to be confused about the simplest things and the fact the writing is very cheesy.  The writing in this book felt like I was reading a Harlequin romance novel and I want to take some tortilla chips and dip in this book because it was so cheesy.  One of the things that I hate is when authors make an excuse for their characters to use unprotected sex.  I mean, I am not a prude and I love sex, but to use the line "Im on birth control. I have been for a long time because of my period."  I do not know how many times I have read those lines and it is kinda annoying.  If you are going to have unprotected, just do it or find another line to use.  Anyways after this ramble, I am still going to read the next one, but hopefully it is better than this one. :)


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