Combust (Book Four Electric Series) E. L Todd

Author: E.L Todd
Release Date: October 11, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Stars
I honestly think that the fact that these books were broken up into four parts and released on the same day is ridiculous.  Book One and Book two could have easily been combined and it would have been a wonderful story and the same goes for book three and four.  Book four picks up after the big "break up" of Volt and Taylor and we get a little closer to the showdown between Volt and Sarah. Volt and Taylor kissed and made up, so I really did not see a reason to read the last book of the series.  Simply because my mom did not raiser a quitter, I decided to go  ahead and read the book.  There is no mistaking that Volt and Taylor is a good couple and this book has too many sex scenes for me and it took too long to get to the answer that I already knew the answer too.  Now I love sex scenes, but not when it weighs down the story and I thought this was novel, not an erotica.

I really feel for Clay in this book and it was really emotional.  Mrs. Todd knows how to write an emotional scene and she makes the reader feel as if they are right there at the desk with Volt and Clay.  I was biting my nails because I already knew what was  coming.  This whole series is based on who the ex-girlfriend is and the answer was revealed book one.   When it was big mystery was finally revealed, my heart stopped.  I was so happy that everything was out in the open. I already knew who the mystery ex-girlfriend was, but I was not prepared for the intensity of Sarah.  She asked Taylor to dump Volt or she and Taylor could not remain friends.  What a selfish bitch, excuse my language.  I can't believe Taylor was even considering leaving Volt for Sarah?  If Sarah was  her best friend, she would be happy for Taylor and Sarah cheated on Volt anyway.  Both of these women were selfish and I almost stopped reading this book because Taylor was unbearable because of the way she handled the situation.

Only Ms. Todd can write a scene with so much intensity that it makes me have butterflies.  The scene between Volt and Taylor is intense and I really appreciate an author that can convey those type of feelings on a page. A great ending to a great, emotional series.  It is a must read minus book two, LOL!.


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