The Wildest Kind of Pretty

Book Information
Author: R.J Abell
Genre:Young Adult/Romance
Released: September 13, 2016
Rating: 1 Star 

This story is not for me and since I am a dedicated reader, i will elaborate on why this book was not for me. First off, the main character, Lexi, was not a good heroine. I know that she is only 15, but sheesh, she was really shallow. This is the summary of the book in two sentences.......This story is about a girl who has low self-esteem, so she pushes the guy that she likes on her best friend,Kammie, because she thinks that her best friend is prettier than her and believes that Kammie and this guy is a perfect match. Eventhough she knows that Kammie has a crush on her cousin, she insist on trying to play matchmaker and once they start to date, or so they call it, she becomes jealous and makes out with said guy. That is the summary of this book in nutshell.You see, Lexi is a freshman in high school and she is introduced to the awesome, attractive senior named Blake, which is her cousin's best friend. After her cousin embarrasses her in front of Blake, she runs to the bathroom to shed a couple of tears and comes back to discover that Blake invited Kammie to come to Trevor's party, which is also Lexi's house. She takes the lack of an invite as an indication that she is ugly and he has a thing for Kammie. So fast forward to the party, alcohol was consumed and lips were kissed and it made for one hell of a night for this FIFTEEN YEAR OLD.

Now i do enjoy a book in the YA genre, but this book was too immature for me. Maybe if the main character was around 17 or 18 years of age, was likable, and was even remotely close to being a good friend, I may have enjoyed this book. The pace was really slow and there were a couple of grammatical errors like using "waste" for "waist" and the dialogue needed major work. The book had no point besides a teenage girl liking a couple of boys and that is hugely supported by the ending of this book. She asks herself questions and it is obvious to the reader what the answer is, but she does the opposite and she was a really bad friend as well. Poor Kammie had no one else and I felt sorry for her.  This book needs to go back to the editor and the author needs to find a storyline because this book is in freefall.

I am going to quote the text to display the type of writing that takes place in this book. This is when Lexi and Blake have a intimate moment and Lexi finds out that Blake is dating, or so they call it, her best friend Kammie. 
"I saw his ugly and I wanted his raw. I knew he was no good for me, but I wanted him anyways. I felt it. I could see in his eyes the way he craved my innocence; his raw called to my sweetness." 


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