Spark (Book Two) by E.L Todd

Book Information
Author: E.L Todd
Release date: October 11, 2016
Genre: Contempary Romance
Rating: 3 Stars

I am sad right now.  I am sad because my thirst has not been quenched.  This book accomplished nothing and I am still waiting for the conclusion.  I actually thought that this book would mention Jared and Natalie again because I really want to know about their relationship.  This is book 2 in the Electric series and I just wish that the author would have combined book one and book two.  In the first book, which I loved, Volt and Taylor are friends and Volt realizes that he has strong feelings for Taylor and he believes that if he tells her how he feels that it will ruin their friendship.  It was adorable in book one because it gave his character depth and who wouldn't want a hot guy drooling over them, but in this book it goes on and on.  

It just baffles me that they have only been friends for a short amount of time and she is already saying that she can't live without Volt as her friend.  Where is Sara, the girl that has been your friend since childhood.?  For Sara to be her best friend, she rarely speaks to her and it makes me believe that she is not a good friend.  I think the problem with this book is Taylor.  She is completely oblivious to the hints that Volt is sending her way and it is really annoying.  Another thing that I want to mention is the fact that Taylor is a horrible girlfriend.  I get that when your best friend calls to tell you that they need your comfort and you want to be there for them, but you are with your boyfriend on his birthday at a dinner. I have no idea what gave her the idea that it was okay to ditch your boyfriend on his birthday.  She leaves her boyfriend, on his birthday, to go see Volt and she knows that Sage is not comfortable with the relationship.  I think that she have at least told Volt that she will come to his aid after the dinner. If it was Sara that she was ditching her boyfriend on his birthday, it would make sense, but her and Volt have only been friends for about a couple of months or so.  It is ridiculous and I have no idea why it bothers me so much.  And what type of name is Sage, anyway?  Who names their children after poultry seasoning? 

I would like to think that Mrs. Todd wrote this book to show the development of their relationship and to reveal when Taylor starts to acknowledge her feelings for Volt.  Their relationship is a huge circle for me because they each think that the other person does not have romantic feelings for the other person.  Did I say that right???  Anyways, there should not be four books in this series and I hope that the next book concludes their love story and it makes Taylor's best friend, Sara, and Volt come face to face.  If you have read book one then you know why they must meet because it is so obvious. 


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