Puck Buddies by Tara Brown

Author: Tara Brown
Release Date: 07/20/2016
Genre: Romance
Rating:  5 Stars

I actually really loved this book and its characters. I know that a lot of people were actually upset because this is actually a prequel to book one of the series. I would actually be upset too if it wasn't for the fact that this book took so long to be released, so i kinda forgot the specifics of Matt and Sami's relationship. I was really looking forward to a continuation of their relationship from book one, but unfortunately I received a back story. Matt is a hockey player who also comes from money and Sami is a heiress who loves to party. Sami, to me, is a rich, lonely girl with low self-esteem issues and she meets Matt on a eventful night. Under the impression that he does not know who she is, she grows fond of Matt and they share an eventful kiss in the back of the cab. Fast forward a little later, they run into each other at a club and neither one seems to want to acknowledge the other. This misunderstanding causes a whirlwind of emotions and sets in motion the cat and mouse game. I kinda see why the author took this approach because I was really curious about Matt and Sami's relationship.

The pacing of this book was fast because the story actually takes place over three years time. Usually I would find this troublesome, but the author wrote this book so well that I did not mind being thrown into a time warp. This story is really entertaining and it is a story about fighting for the person you love and accepting that you are worth more than you think. Sami was really on the borderline of being annoying towards the end of the book and Matt was a great hero in this book. Sami kept going back and forth about whether she wants to be with Matt or not and I really did not like that about her. I loved this book and i recommend that you read this book. Go One and read this one.!!


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