Charge by E.L Todd

Book Information
Author: E.L Todd
Release Date: October 11, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Stars

I have been a fan of this author since her novel, "Into the fire", was released.  E. L Todd is  a real romance story teller and this story further supports her skills.  Her writing makes me feel the character's words and allow me to see the world through their eyes.  Though the story is written in first point of view, it isn't wordy or someone's irrelevant inner thoughts. This story is about Volt, a CEO of his Tutoring program for the SATs and Taylor, a teacher at a prestigious, private school.  On her first day at her new job, she meets fellow teacher Natalie. Natalie invites her to a bar with her friends and that is where she meets Volt.  At first sight, Taylor is attracted to Volt, but he is emotionally unavailable. Volt is sexy in his own right and he knows it.  After discovering the Volt is not looking for a relationship, but a quick lay, Taylor vows that she will not be another notch on his bedpost.  Taylor and Volt soon become best friends and the journey begins.

 I love how this story started because it showed the reason why Volt was a man whore and this story made me love Volt as a character.  Volt has a heart of gold buried under ice because he has this amazing relationship with a teenager named, Clay.  There is this conversation that takes place between Clay and Volt in a restaurant and it touches my heart.  Now, the one flaw with this book is the obviousness of the identity of the mystery woman that broke Volt's heart.  It is obvious because of the structure of the story and how the characters are presented.  It does not get passed me that Taylor has this whole life without Sara, who is supposedly her Best friend since childhood.  I think that it is weird that she clings to Volt that way and the fact that the author does not reveal his first name to keep the story a mystery. But other than that the story is awesome sauce.  I recommend this story.  E.L Todd is known for beautiful love stories minus the cheesiness. :)


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