"Wrong Question, Right Answer" By Elle Casey

This has to be my favorite book in the entire series. Toni shines in this book and I really felt that spark between her and Lucky. I always wondered about Toni in the other stories and I am so glad that she was given her own book. Toni is her own worst enemy and I love how Lucky is so patient with her and allows her to become a better. Lucky is a kind soul who has to deal with his own loss and I love how he is not this alpha type because that would take away from his character. I don't even know where to start with this review. Let me start with the summary, I guess. Toni works for the Bourbon Street Security and her world begins to change when May and Jen comes into the picture. Feeling a little envious of the love fever going around, she withdraws from the group and deals with her demons alone. Though Toni wants to drown in her own misery, Lucky comes along and throws a fast ball. After a night of drinking, Lucky reveals his feelings and the rest is history. You see, Lucky and Toni have known each other their whole lives and they share a kiss when they were teenagers. Afraid to give Lucky a chance, Toni flees to another guy with open arms and that guy turns out to be abusive. One of the positive components of this story is I, as the reader, get to see Toni grow as a person and I get to see her and Lucky's relationship blossom. Even though Toni does something really reckless that almost ends her life, I totally understand her reasoning behind it because the author conveyed those emotions on the page. Elle Casey wrote this book so well and the pacing was great. There wasn't a huge amount of monologue and even when there was a bit much, it was interesting,exciting and it wasn't trying to be humorous. If it did then that would be a problem because Toni is the complete opposite of May. This author really wrote this book as Toni and she really dug deep with this character. I absolutely recommend this book. Read, read, Read!!!


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