"Friday" by E.L Todd

I initially thought that being the order that the series was written, I would not enjoy this book because i already knew the ending. I was totally wrong, You see, this story was intense, beautiful, and full of life. I could not have asked for a better heroine than Marie. Marie is strong, loyal, and she does not let Axel run her over. In addition to getting a look inside of Marie and Axel’s relationship, we also get a look at Frankie and Hawke struggles. I was so happy for Frankie in this story and it gave me a new understanding of the novel “WEdnesday” and why she felt those things and did those things with Kyle. Although I knew that Marie and Axel will get married and have kids, it did not ruin this story for me. E.L Todd wrote this so beautifully and it flowed like water. The pace was steady and the disagreements between the two were intense. I could relate to this book and that is the most awesome thing in the world. When Axel finally admitted his feelings to Marie, it was so intense..!!! I know that I am using the word “intense” a bunch, but there is no other word that can explain this book.  My heart was beating fast and I was crying at the same time. This is the best book of this series hands down.!!! For all of the people who think that they should read this book out of order, Do Not do it. Reading it in order will give you a better experience. Trust me!!!


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