"Worth the trouble" St. James book 2 by Jamie Beck

Worth the Trouble  is book two of the St. James series written by Jamie Beck.  Now let me start by saying that I am huge fan of Jamie Beck because she is a talented author and  her writing is phenomenal.  Now let’s get to the reason that you all are here…the review of this book! This novel is about Cat, a model in her own, and Hank, a hot carpenter, who have strong feelings for each other but are hesitant to act on those feelings.  In the first book of the series,  Cat and Hank are introduced as supportive characters and the chemistry between these two are undeniable.   Let me start with the positive elements of this novel,  the writing is phenomenal and the story goes at a steady pace.  The author takes the time to develop these two characters and to express the turmoil of feelings that each character goes through.
Now lets get to the messy aspect of this review....I absolutely hated this book and I am so disappointed because I loved the first one. I waited a long time for this book to be released and it was a failure. Now there were some good moments in this book but they are scarce.  The chemistry between Cat and Hank In book one was electric and they weren’t even the main characters. But in book two I didn’t feel that electricity between them. Another thing that I hate about this book is Cat.  I know it’s bad but I hate the main character . Cat is not interesting to me and this book did not have a good plot to make Cat likable.
The one thing I like about this book is Hank and he kept this book grounded and his character was interesting.  This book felt like a “how to open a business” book than a romance story. The sex scenes are lame and it was painful to read. I am just surprised at the quality of this story.  I will not be following this series.
Now, I do not want you to completely disregard this book because of this review because this is solely based on my opinion.  Jamie Beck is a talented author and I want you to check out her other book.  Here is her website (www.jamiebeck.com) or you can go to Amazon and check out the rest of her novels.  Book one of this series is a must read, the title of this book is Worth the Wait.

Happy reading.!!!


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