"Wrong Number, Right Guy" by Elle Casey

Once again Elle Casey had hurt my sides hurting from laughter. I really enjoyed this book and I am going to tell you why. This book follows May, who by the way is hilarious, who is a 28 year old photographer who walks into the wrong place at the wrong time. She receives a text from an unknown number, whom she believes is her sister, and ends up at a biker bar. She is rescued by a mysterious bearded guy from a shooter and that is when the madness begins. Though at times May seemed to be a teenager in a grown woman's body, she is tough, witty, and very lovable. One of the moments, that supports my words about May acting like a teenager is when she starts to receive text messages from the unknown number. As the author is telling the story, I am yelling at my kindle because the reader can tell that it is not her sister at all.  The choices that May makes in that situation is very juvenile.  Anyways, Elle Casey wrote this book beautifully and the storytelling is really compelling. This book kept me entertained and it has the right mixture of sex, humor, heart felt moments. Although i loved this book, at around the 80% mark, it got really wordy and the paced slowed all the way down. When I say wordy I mean the inner monologue was excessive. When a character asks herself so many questions, it gets really annoying. It is one of my pet peeves and it irks me to my core to witness it. Other than that little flaw in the story, this story is great. A great read and I highly recommend that YOU give this book a chance.



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