Ray of Love by E.L Todd

Author: E.L Todd
Release Date: 1/3/2017
Rating:  3 Stars⭐⭐⭐

Heads Up.!! I know a lot of people gave me hell for giving this book 3 Stars, but I stand by my review.  I absolutely loved the other two books in the series, my reviews are posted on this blog by the way, but this book was not good to me.  E.L Todd is one of my favorite authors and it pained me to give this book 3 stars.  If you would refer back to my rating system, it will reveal that a 3 star rating is still a good rating.  Okay...Let's jump in.😀

I am utterly confused.  Who am i supposed to root for?  Is it Ryker, the bad boy and awesome lover or is it Zeke, the dude that has been in love with his best friend?  I am rooting for Ryker because their chemistry is too strong to ignore.  I will not settle for Zeke. I did not like this book.  I did not like the fact that Rae got over Ryker in three months and then turns around and falls in love with Zeke.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  Zeke had a good relationship with Rochelle and he practically throws it away because Rae had sexual dreams about him.  I loved book one and two and I just wished that Ryker wasn’t the main hero because now he is not even in the book for more than one page.  Their relationship was too intense to just write it off as a fling.  I don’t feel the chemistry between Zeke and Rae because the author did not write it that way.  Their relationship feels totally platonic.  The comedy is gone and I am just not feeling this relationship between Rae and Zeke.

The only relationship that makes sense is Kayden and Rex. I was glad that things worked out. I wish more time was spent on them because Zeke is boring to me.  Bring back Ryker, dammit.  This is not right. If the author would have left this book as the conclusion of the series, I think it would have been better, but instead there is a 4th installment.  Now I am depressed because, now, I have to wait until April.  Why release 3 of the books and wait until a later date to release the 4th one.?  If I did not love my hair so much, I would pull it out. ! Grrrrr.!  I am dying of anticipation :(


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