Ray of Hope by E.L Todd

Author:  E.L Todd
Release Date: January 3, 2017
Genre: Romance
Rating:  4 Stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

I don’t know if I am fan-girling, is that a word, or what but I loved this book.  Though this book was funny, it was not as funny as the first installment of this series. Just like the first book, this story is real and the connection between the characters is strong.  E.L Todd's style of writing has once again, given me goosebumps.  There is no other author, as far as I have read, has the ability to translate intensity within a scene.  The characters were real genuine and I could not have asked for a better couple than Rae and Ryker.  Through the author's writing, I am able to feel Rae's feelings within the scene and Ryker gives me goosebumps.  

The book is well written and it has the sense of mystery when it comes to Ryker.  I loved how the book kind of have two stories within its pages.  There is Ryker and Rae and then there is Rex and Kayden's relationship. Because I read the blurb, I was waiting for the bomb to drop and boy did it blow up.  Rae is a great character and I hope Ryker gets his life together and fight for her. For some reason, I do not want Rae to end up with Zeke because that would be the easy way out.  I am hoping that the author did not make me fall in love with Ryker and then erasing him from the series.  I mean...come one...the guy was hot and obviously having some inner issues. Once again I will say....Please Mrs. Todd combine the books or at least release them on different days.  I am not seeing the purpose of releasing the books on the same day.   I am left heartbroken because I really cannot wait for book 3. I approve this book and message. :)


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