Discussion: Do you read books about step siblings falling in Love?

I have ran across a number of books that told the story of step sisters and step-brothers falling in love.  Now...I am always down for two things....Those things are tacos 🌮 and a good love story.  When I first got my kindle a couple of years ago, a story popped up on my recommended list and that story was about a hot step-brother and hot sex.  I did read this story because it seemed interesting and boy was I in for a trick.  I have had a couple of step-brothers and by no means did i find them attractive. (shivers)  I do not relate to those types of books because I have never been in those situations.  When i read this book, it made me uncomfortable and that is just my preference.

There are different types of story lines that involves step-brother and step-sister loving.  There is the ones with the main characters meeting before their parents get involved and then there are the ones with them living in the same house and falling in love.  I do know that there are some situations that people get into that are very similar to these books, but I can not read these book.  I also came across a couple more books that involved cousins and uncle. Wtf?  Though I am not on that bandwagon, I will not condemn readers that enjoy these stories, but I will not be pressing the purchase button.

What do you think of these type of story lines?  Do you enjoy them or do you avoid them like the plague?

This is just for discussion, so hold your pitchforks.!!  I love to get insight on other readers.  We may not have the same opinions, but we do have one thing in common...Romance.!! :)


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