What You Do To Me by Barbara Longley

Author:  Barbara Longley
Date released: November 1, 2016
Genre: Romance
Rating: 3 Stars ***

This book is okay overall and I like the hero and heroine of this story.  This was a new plot that I have never seen before and I enjoyed that very much.This story is about a woman is left two weeks before her wedding to her high school sweet heart.  Trying to pull her out the hole, her mom sets her up with the famous Handy Man, Sam, whom is unaware that he is being set up.  While listening to a radio show, Sam hears one of his client talking about the sexual things that happened between the two.  Sam stupidly reveals his real name and the adventure start from there.  

The chemistry between the two are there and of course, we have the typical guy who does not do relationships and the cliché aspect of the story where the female character is afraid to trust the guy, but proceeds to kiss him most of the time.  That kinda threw me off because according to the book, she was deeply scared because her fiance moved to the other side of the world. The major plus of this story is the fact the book has good dialogue and the book is written really well.  I was rooting for this couple because the author pulled me in and allowed me to feel for Sam and his fears.The conversation between Sam and Haley near the end of the story was written very nicely and I felt the intensity of the situation. The ending was so sweet and I am relieved that there was no pregnancy because that is so cliché. There isn't anything special about this story and It barely kept me entertained.  I would recommend this read for a Sunday afternoon read.

Because of the holiday, I just wanted to post a dancing turkey. :)


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