The Matchmaker's Replacement by Rachel Van Dyken

Author:  Rachel Van Dyken
Released: August 9, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Rating: 2 Stars**

When the hero of the book is a first class jerk, the author has to tread lightly because he can become very boring and not relatable.  This is exactly what happened here.
Lex is not very likeable and I feel like his character is not really relatable. His personality comes off as an asshole, not a hot alpha.  I rushed to experience the kindle-in-motion content in this novel and at first I loved it, but as the story went on the guy that is playing Lex does not fit the description very well.  This guy is a nerd and not a hot one.  But I will say that he is cute, but he just did not give off the hot, sex nerd that the author was going for. I love nerds by the way, but his body is flat and it did nothing for me. In the book, Lex is described to be a nerd, but he is also described to have a muscular build and his hotness is supposed to be off of the radar.  I feel like I am reading about Ian all over again.

The bickering between Lex and Gabi is cute to a certain extent, but this book is too long and the bickering gets old fast.  I feel the chemistry between the two, but not a relationship.  I liked Gabi and her huge heart for her family, but her character is too underdeveloped for me to care about whether her and Lex will establish a relationship.

Why would you give your virginity to a guy who calls you fat and who constantly makes you feel bad?  I know that Lex keeps up this act to cover his true feelings but it continues throughout the entire book.

This book did not make me giggle once.  I found nothing funny about their bickering.  Book One had humor and heart, but this book is just words written on a page. This book did not hold my attention. I am a huge fan of this author because her humor usually jumps off of the page and the plot is usually down packed, but this book was the complete opposite.  I am disappointed.  


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