Love & Lagers by Liz Crow

Author: Liz Crow
Release Date: 11/1/2016
Genre: Military Romance
Rating: 3 Stars

This was an okay read overall.  There wasn't a wow factor, but the plot pulled me in.  This story follows Lainey and Owen who is  an ex-military veteran with a prosthetic leg.  The relationship between these two characters seems forced and the I just did not feel the chemistry between these two characters.  The "I love you" seemed forced as well and the writing did not emit those feelings very well. I liked Owen as the Hero because he had heart and he was man with a painful past. Because of the negligence of Owen's parents, he is unofficially adopted by his best friend's parents and the love within this family is great.  I am very interested in the other relationships involving his best friend's widow and his other best friend, Antony, relationship.   Lainey was also a character with a painful past and the situation with her was very surprising.  The climax in this story could have used more feelings and emotions to make it more convincing.  I know my review is short, but it matches the story, short….!! This is solely my opinion and you should, as always, remain open-minded and take a chance on a book. 


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