Craving by Helen Hardt

Author:  Helen Hardt
Released: May 31, 2016
Genre:  Romance
Rating: 4 Stars

I read this series fairly quickly because it was a page turner.  The spark between Jade and Talon is so electric and the author wrote this story beautifully.  The author's writing was so realistic and I great example of good storytelling.  There is a big mystery in this book and the author wrote it so well.  This is truly entertaining and this book is HOT, in all caps.  It has been awhile since a book has made me want to throw my husband on the bed and I must say that this book made me think naughty thoughts. ;) 

The hero in this book, Talon, was a major alpha and I did not expect to love him….  When the story starts I immediately take a liking to Jade because she is smart, funny, and I could totally relate to her.  Talon is an ex-military veteran who experienced a painful experience as a Child.  The book was really intense and I loved it, but that leads me to the negative element of this book.  There was a lot of sex (yes!!), but there was not much of a relationship development.  This book could have used a tad bit less sex(just a tiny bit) and should have included a little about their relationship.

The one flaw with this book is the huge mystery.  There should be some type of disclaimer because when the truth is revealed…it is quite disturbing.  I was not expecting that "type" of climax and it really bothered me.  The other flaw that I have with this story was Jade towards the end of the book.  Right around the 79% range, Jade loses her humor and her back bone.  She comes off as a little teenager and she keeps sleeping with him and 2 minutes later she starts to think about her choices.

Other than that, the book was great.  It is a must read and you have to have your tea, blanket, and this book because it is hot and entertaining.!!!


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