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Ray of Heart by E.L Todd

Author:  E.L Todd
Release date:  April 04, 2017
Rating:  3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of E.L Todd, but this book was not her best.  Not only was this book a huge love triangle, but the heroine is a gardening tool.  I wanted to say the other word, but I wanted to keep it clean for you all today. This is book 5, and hopefully the last, of the Ray series and it picks up with the cliff hanger of book 4.  Ryker is back in the picture and lends Rae his shoulder and other parts to cry on when Zeke reveals his big secret, which causes a huge rift in their relationship.  I really felt bad for Zeke in this book because he was really sympathetic for what he did to Rae.  I did not like the way Ryker was used, but I am glad to see his growth.  I really saw no reason for Rex's pov in this book besides showing how Zeke was dealing with everything.  He did not push the story along nor did he and Kayden offer anything to the story.  I was really looking forward to reading about Kayden and Rex's story because he seems to be allergic to  commitment. I wanted to see the journey and the trials of him revealing the big four letter word, but it was brushed off and I really wanted the scene to have that intensity that only this author can deliver.

The things that I like about this book was the drama, of course, and I also liked the intensity of Rae and Zeke's relationship.  I was entertained, but I did not get the comedy that she always deliver.  The pacing of the story was good and the expression of emotions was well written.

The reason I called Rae a gardening tool is because she sleeps with two different guys in the same week with no protection with either one.  The way she treats Ryker pisses me off and this entire book was games on top of games.  The characters were immature and the ending made no sense to me.  There are flaws to this book, but I did like the intensity and the writing of the author.   I still believe that the author should have left this as a trilogy because these two books did nothing for the overall story. I also just found out that there is another book being introduced to the series.  I am not sure if I will be reading. 


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