Back to your love by Kianna Alexander

Author:  Kianna Alexander
Release Date: April 4, 2017
Rating:  3 Stars ☆☆☆

I was really stuck between the 2 star and 3 rating scale because this book was hard for me to finish.  The writing was okay and the plot was present, but this book just dragged on for me.   Maybe it’s the fact that the hero is so perfect and their second chance at love came too easily, but nothing about this book excited me.  This book tells the story of Xavier, who is an accountant, politician wannabe, youth center volunteer and Imani, who is a dermatologist.  They were high school sweethearts, but were broken up when Xavier decided to "see" what life was like in college without a girlfriend. Fast forward ten years, Xavier and Imani see each other again at a wedding of their best friends and sparks fly like fireworks.  The main event in this story is the fact that Imani has this "huge" secret that will ruin Xavier's chances of becoming a member of the city council.

First off, how could Imani and Xavier's best friend marry each other and they never run into each other before the wedding.  Xavier was the best man and Imani was a bridesmaid.  I did not understand that detail of the story. This story did not have enough momentum to carry it to the end and I was waiting for some drama, but I never got it.  Only when Imani's secret comes to play, does the story kick off and becomes a little more interesting.  Xavier did nothing for me because his character was too perfect for me.  He is sweet, considerate, has awesome friends, chases after Imani to prove his love, and he volunteers at a youth center for Pete's sake. The man is perfect and I grab a book for a character with a little more depth and flaws to carry a story.  Imani was a character with a shameful past and that is the only thing that kept me reading because I really wanted to know what happened to her. She was a sweet character, she loved her mom, and she is a driven business woman. Where is the conflict?  There was barely any in the story and the details carrying the story is the political race, Xavier trying to woo Imani, and Imani trying to avoid Xavier but she fails miserably.  The whole reason for me reading second-chance romance is for the reasoning behind the break-up in the first place and how the characters find love again.  Nothing major happened causing them to break.  It was just a young man needing space which is completely understandable, but I needed more.  The break up is barely discussed and Imani is supposed to be so "hurt" over the breakup, but 2 seconds into having a conversation, she sucks his face off.

All in all the book was boring and it was not my taste.


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