Lost Rider by Harper Sloan

Author:  Harper Sloan
Release Date:  April 25, 2017
Rating: 3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

This book started off with full, hot cowboy steam and somehow around the 57% mark it died down completely. Lost Rider is about a former bull rider coming home to face his past after his abusive, dominant father dies.  With Maverick returning home means facing the girl that he left behind more than ten years ago.  Leighton had a huge teenage crush on Maverick before he left and with his return comes pain and sexual tension.  This story is a second-chance romance which are my favorite. These two together creates an electric spark and I was hoping that Maverick would win Leighton's heart.  Maverick and Leighton grew up together being that Leighton is Maverick's little sister's  best friend. I always go weak for a cowboy and this one is no different.  This book has that hot Texas, cowboy drawl and it felt I was talking to a real cowboy and I absolutely loved it. I do not know what it is but a hot cowboy just makes me blush and I dive at the chance to read a romance about one.

Although I loved the sexy cowboy and his chemistry with Leighton, the second part of this book was so cheesy. I did not get the cowboy feeling from maverick and the dialogue was not written very well.  I would have loved to see their relationship when they were teenagers.  I have questions like, "Why was he in love with Leighton when they were younger?"  and "Why did Leighton love Maverick when they were teenagers"?  When it is revealed that Maverick was a huge jerk to her, it shows his character at that moment, but I do not get to see the Maverick that she loves.  There were things that happened in this story that did not make sense such as Maverick kissing Leighton like a week before he left and her not having any idea that he harbored feelings for her.  As I said before, the story takes a turn for the worst in the second half by becoming a snooze fest.  It was as if the entire story was a cheesy poem without a climatic point.

Overall the story had plot and the first half was great.  If you love a hot, brooding cowboy this book is for you.

I second this here story. 


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