Ray of Time by E.L Todd

Author:  E.l Todd
Release Date:  April 04, 2017
Rating:  4 Stars  ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ray of Time is book 4 of the Ray series and it evolves around Rae and her brother Rex as they find love and learn to deal with the trials that comes with it. I enjoyed myself while reading this book, even though I hated who she ended up with.  I was very biased while reading this book because in book three, Rae ended up with Zeke.  I was furious because I was so emotionally vested in the story and the author throws a hammer at my head by including Zeke and his feelings for Rae.  Book four is no different because it picks up about two weeks after Rae and Zeke admit their feelings for each other and the bedroom heats all the way up.  In this book, Rae and Zeke had good chemistry, but all they did was have hot, sweaty sex.  Now don't get me wrong, I love hot sex in romance books, but when the entire story is sex, sex, and more sex it takes away the enjoyment of the story for me.  The book was supposed to go more in depth with their relationship, but the only thing that I could get from this book was their sexual relationship.  I know that they have been friends since they were kids, but going from friends to an intimate relationship requires more of an emotional connection.

This book still had the comedy and the strong female lead, Rae, who just put the icing on this story. I will have to warn you that there is a cliff hanger, but the next book in the series was released on the same day. Sigh. I recommend this book to read and it will most definitely have you hot and bothered.😛💋


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