The Secret He Keeps by Julieann Dove

Author:  Julieann Dove
Release Date:  December 08, 2016
Genre:  Romance
Star Rating:  4 ☆☆☆☆

This was a different read for me because this story was in the mystery genre as well.  I went into this story brand new and not expecting the emotional roller coaster that I was taken on.  The Secret He Keeps tells the story of Rachel.  Rachel was in a terrible car accident along with her husband, but, unfortunately, her husband died in the accident.  As a result of the accident, Rachel has lost her long term memory for the one year before the accident and leading up to the accident.  Rachel is fighting to normalize her life and to move on from the death of her husband.  What makes this story so interesting is the emotional journey that Rachel goes through and Rachel's desire to remember her husband as this saint, instead of the man that everyone has painted of him.  

The book starts off with Rachel in her living room and from there the story takes me hostage and I am a willing participant.  The only reason why I gave this story a 4 star rating was the fact that sometimes it was hard for me to tell who was talking.  The conversations did not flow as well as I would have like, but other than that the story was almost perfect. I was thrown a curve ball when Rachel's love interest changes.  I loved Dane and John as the heroes and the chemistry  between Rachel and John was electric.  The author wrote this book so well that I was put in Rachel's place trying to figure out what will happen next.  The one thing that I loved about this story was the ending. Everything comes to play and the one thing that I thought I knew, turned out to be the complete opposite.  This story was exciting, emotional, real, and mysterious.  You do not want to miss out on this story because it is phenomenal in every way.  I did not put this book down and I was depressed when it ended. I really enjoyed this story and it is a must read.. 

 Do not sleep on this book. 👀👀👀


  1. Gosh, thank you so much for this stupendous review!! I'm completely over-the-moon happy you liked it. :) Yay!!!

    1. You are so welcome. :) I really did enjoy this book. I hope to see more. I am officially a fan. :)


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