Completely Yours by Erin Nicholas

Author:  Erin Nicholas
Release date: December 20, 2016
Genre:  Romance
Rating: 2 Stars

The story started off slow and the comic con scene is really dragged along. I was bored out my mind up until about the 29% mark.  The book tells the story of main characters Kiera, a comic geek and graphic designer, and Zack, an EMT.  Do you see what we are working with here?  The opening scene of this book takes place at Comic Con.  Now do not get me wrong, I love comic books, superheroes, and girls that can kick ass, but Kiera was a boring heroin and she had as much personality as a bucket of peanuts. Zack is the same way, boring and no personality. The dialogue is lame and I did not feel one spark between these two.  These two characters felt like good friends rather than a "fake" couple.  When I read a romance novel, I look for chemistry and sparks and I did not get neither in this book.

 I could not relate to these characters and the hero in this book did nothing for me.  I read romance books to dive into a tall glass of hotness and I got 1 teaspoon of ice water in this story. This book is too wordy for me and the character's barely talk to each other. When authors write in the third person point of view, it throws me off and it makes it too wordy, meaning a lot of inner thoughts.  Even though I love to hear the character's perception, I also love to read an actual story and read about interactions between the characters.  They text each other all of the time and this book was a complete bore.  It is cheesy, not the good kind, and I feel like it wasted my time. I just do not know what it is about this author, but her writing bores me.  The only reason that I am giving this story 2 Stars is because of the excellent grammar.  This book is not for me and that is okay.  Maybe it works for other readers, but not for me. 


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