Married at Midnight by Gerri Russell

Author:  Gerri Russell
Release date:  12/13/2016
Genre: Romance
Star Rating:  3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

This story was okay and there were a couple of entertaining moments in this story.  One of the major problems in this story was the inability to connect with the characters.  There was no character development and the only thing that I knew about the characters were that they had mommy and daddy issues. The story starts off with the main characters waking up in bed together.  The only twist that is…BAM….they used to date.  After discovering that they are indeed married, Conner, a hot name by the way, gets a call from his dad about his grandmother having a heart attack.  

There is a lot of things in this book that does not make sense.  First, Conner has held on for a hate towards Ellie for 11 years and the reasoning was glossed over.  They both say that they broke each other's heart, but it is nothing major or interesting.  I was thinking at the beginning of the book that perhaps someone cheated or they were madly in love and experienced their first time with each other, but that was not the case.  I was actually confused as to who was the villain in the relationship.  I wish the author would have spent a little bit more time on their previous relationship, so that I can appreciate the blooming relationship more.  One of the characters left for college…..that's the big break up reason.. Spoiler alert...I guess. Sorry.

This book lacked the heart and passion that I was expecting from this book.  This book is a major cliché to me and there was not a wow factor.  The one thing that kinda threw me off was the pov from the Elvis impersonators from Las Vegas.  If the author had left out their pov, then the culprit behind the whole thing would have been a surprise, which in turn, would have made the story more entertaining.  Their pov offers nothing to the story besides the fact that they are old, single men in love with the same woman. The big climax of the story was entertaining and I enjoyed the family dynamic that was involved.  The grammar was good and the book was well written.  Aside from the flaws, the book was solid, the story had a plot, and the book started off strong and it picks up towards the end. 


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