Turbulent Waters by Melody Anne

Author:  Melody Anne
Release Date: February 07,2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Rating:  4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I really liked this book.  The intensity between the characters was there, the sexual chemistry was jumping off of the page, and, most importantly, the sex scenes were hot.  I liked Nick as the hero and I kind of like Chloe as the heroine. This is the third book in the Aviator series and I jumped at the chance to read Nick's story.  He was always the fun brother and in this story I get to see another side of him.  Nick's characters has depth and he is dealing with loss, he is a lot of fun, and he knows how to woo the panties off of any woman.  

Nick is a rescue pilot for the U.S Coast Guard and his career is cut short when a dangerous mission kills everyone on the helicopter instead of Nick.  Dealing with survivor's guilt, Nick struggles to move forward.  Chloe, a physical therapist hired by Uncle Sherman, takes on the task of nursing Nick back to health, But Chloe has a secret agenda.  I liked Chloe, but the relationship between her and her father just did not make sense to me.  You are an 28-year old woman and you allow your father to run your life.  I was just shocked by the immaturity of this character.  Other than the relationship with her father, Chloe is a character stuck between family and the truth.  Chloe is learning to love and learning to trust her instincts.

There are a couple things that bothered me.  First, the monologue was almost too much for me, but thankfully the dialogue was good to balance it. Second, I have read enough of Melody Anne's book to know that she can write good sex scenes, but the language that she uses is hilarious. She doesn't use harsh language, and that is okay, but using words such as "hot slick folds" or "she cupped his mass" takes away from the scene.  She need to find better words to describe the reproductive parts. :)  She uses "mass" a little bit too much for me and she uses "turbulent" a lot too.   I really could do without the cheesy scenes between his brothers and their wives.  It is so sweet that it makes my tooth hurt.  I mean, I know the they are newlyweds and they love each other but sheesh, give me a break. 

Other than my pet peeves with this book, this story was solid and I recommend it. 


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