Taming the Texas Cowboy by Charlene Sands

Author: Charlene Sands
Release Date: February 27, 2017
Genre:  Romance
Rating:  5 Stars  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I don’t know what it is about cowboys, but I just have this fantasy about rugged cowboys.  Maybe it’s the southern manners or the fact that they have on boots and ten gallon hats, but whenever I see a cowboy romance story I jump for joy to read it.  Well enough about my cowboy fantasies, let me tell you about this book that I read in..wait for it…3 hours non-stop.  I could not put this book down. That is how much I loved this book.  Keep in mind that I have three children in the house and still nothing could stop me from reading this book.  This book is about a sexy, hot cowboy and a veterinarian, who loses her practice in a fire.  Needing a place to run her practice temporarily, Maddie rents a space at Trey's, sexy cowboy I mentioned earlier, ranch.  The sparks goes haywire and the attraction between Maddie and the sexy cowboy is evident.  I wanted to smack Trey at the back of the head for thinking that he was cursed.  It was ridiculous.

This story had everything that I was looking for in a cowboy romance story.  A hot cowboy, of course, some heat, intensity, and a strong female character.  Maddie was a sweet, kind soul and I loved how the author wrote this book because you tell that Maddie really loved animals and the connection between Maddie and a stallion named Storm was beautiful.  Storm was like a metaphor for Trey and I loved how the author presented the idea.  I was rooting for them throughout the entire story. The pacing was good and I really appreciated the author not throwing the "Oh im on the pill and im clean. Let's have unprotected sex".  That is a huge pet peeve of mine because it is used so often and they also have to come to come up with an excuse to have unprotected sex.

Okay..now let me wrap up this review because I have yet another cowboy book to ride into…Get it..? Ride?  Anyways, I loved this book and I recommend it with five sexy, hot cowboy Stars. 


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