Hometown Cowboy by Sara Richardson

Author: Sara Richardson
Date released: February 28, 2017
Genre:  Romance
Rating:  3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

The only reason that I am giving this book three stars is because at the 70% mark, the book just slowed down and it lost me. This book is about Jessa, a veterinarian, and Lance, a cowboy bull rider, who both were served a heaping plate of parental issues and they fall in love. Sweet right?  Well it is because Jessa has a heart of gold and Lance is a strong minded cowboy who wants to be alone.  They have known of each other since they were kids, but they never really looked at each other.  

They officially come face to face when Lance is looking for his dad around the ranch.  Knowing that Luis is always at the animal shelter with Jessa, Lance goes to her house to question her and it is the funniest scene ever.!  That is when their relationship starts to bloom. Lance is training for a world title in bull riding and he needs to focus on the prize, but he can't because he has to keep an eye on his father whom is acting strange. Trying to find a solution, Lance offers Jessa a portion of the winnings if she will move in and keep an eye on his father while he trains.  I already saw where this was going and I still enjoyed it.  I appreciated this story because I was able to witness their relationship bloom and they shared the same love for Lance's dad, Luis.  Jessa's dad and Luis were best friends up until Jessa's father untimely death.

Right from the first page I liked Jessa and Lance.  It was funny, sweet, and the characters had heart.  The feelings were written on the page and I really wanted the two of them to stop dancing around each other and get together already.  I loved the addition of Lance's brothers and I am hoping that they will have their own stories.

I know you are thinking that is a perfect review and if you did, you would be incorrect my friend.  You see, this story was almost perfect and believe me, I wanted it to be perfect.  I was having fun and blushing because of this cowboy and all of a sudden, the book just stops. It turns into a major romance movie cliché.  Jessa is a major romance enthusiast and I think the author was watching romance movies while she was writing the second half of this book.  I saw the ending coming from a mile away and I wasn't pleased. When I say stop moving, I mean the book gets boring to me.  At the 70% mark, the humor is gone, the pacing is slow, and I am not entertained.  But I will say that in the last part of the book, there is a lesson about family, love, and forgiveness. 

Although I gave this book a 3 star rating, which is still a good rating by the way, I will still recommend this book because it does have a great storyline and great characters.



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