Comeback Cowboy by Sara Richardson

Author:  Sara Richardson
Release Date:  June 28,2017
Rating:  4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was so excited to read this book because I got a little taste of Lucas and Naomi's relationship in book 1 and I was intrigued. Book 2 of the Rocky Mountains Riders series brings patience, forgiveness, and honesty to the forefront.  Our hero, Lucas, is back in town to help take care of his sick father who has Parkinson's.  Returning home means Lucas has to face his past and most importantly face Naomi, his high school sweetheart whom he left behind 10 years ago.   When Lucas was 17 he went to prison for a crime that he did not commit and with the sentence of solitary confinement, came the hard decision to leave Naomi behind.  If you have read book one then you know that Lucas took the wrap for his younger brother Levi, who really started the fire.  Their reunion would have been beautiful except, Naomi is avoiding Lucas like a plague and is holding a life changing secret.

This book was emotional, raw and so realistic.  Naomi was a good female lead and I was right there with her during her journey to forgive Lucas and the struggles of being a single parent.  Lucas' character had a big heart and I was so glad that he got his happily ever after.  The family dynamic is beautiful and the bond that these brothers have is unbreakable.  Though this book did not have a lot of heat, it made up with heart, good dialogue, and a beautiful epilogue.

ON another note, there was a pacing issue.  This entire book takes place in a span of 3 weeks.  A person would think that after being separated for 10 years that it would take a little longer for their relationship to develop, but nope, this story goes all in.  In the middle of the book, the story had begun to lose its intensity and edge, but luckily the story quickly picks up again.  They were doing a lot of making out and I found myself wondering, Where is the fight?.

Beside these couple of flaws, the book was a solid read.  A small town setting with a cowboy with a big heart, this story is sure to make you emotional and rejoice all in the same breath.  I cannot wait for book 3. :)  Awesome.  


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