Loving the Texas Lawman by Charlene Sands

Author:  Charlene Sands
Release Date:  May 22, 2017
Rating: 3 Stars⭐⭐⭐

Loving the Texas Lawman is a story about love once lost and found once again. At least that is what Jillian and Jack wants the small town of Hope Wells to believe. A fake marriage is what they both need to get something that they desperately need. Jillian needs Jack's polished and respectable reputation and Jack needs to adopt a little boy named Beau and having Jillian pose as his wife will give the illusion that he is able to care for Beau. Jillian, a lingerie designer, who comes back  home  to open a new store and to rebuild her business' reputation. Taken back at his first love return, Jack, the town sheriff, is determined to keep her at arms length. Unfortunately, fate has a plan and it involves love, sex, and a second chance at true love.

For the most part I enjoyed the story and the characters, but the pacing in this story is very slow. I was looking for the magic that took place in book one, but this book just did not have that same essence that book one had. Jillian was outgoing, intelligent  and she was an entrepreneur. Other than those qualities,  Jillian's character had nothing else to offer. Jack was the town sheriff and he had the hot lawman thing going on for him. He is trying to adopt this little boy who he rescued from a flood and I love their relationship. If it wasn't for the slow moving pacing of this story and the lack of an exciting hero, this book would be 5 star for sure.

I loved the ending and I absolutely enjoy a book without a cliff hanger. 👏👏


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