Billionaire Takes All by J.S Scott

Author:  J.S Scott
Released: March 7, 2017
Rating: 4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was jumping for joy when this book was released because I could not wait to read Julian's story.  Now, I have read all five books in this series and I do not think that she ever wrote a story as naughty as this one in the entire series.😻(purr!)  I put that effect because she made my feline come to attention and that my readers is why I love romance.  This romance has been building in the background since the previous book and it pulled me in with Julian and Kristen's chemistry. Julian, a billionaire Sinclair of course, has come to claim his prize in the form a red headed woman named Kristen.  Kristen is a woman who has so many responsibilities that it is sad.  Her mom has MS and her father has to take care of her which leaves Kristen to run the family-owned bar alone.  The story starts when Julian, literally, kidnaps Kristen and whisks her to his brother's wedding.  After waking up from a weekend of hot sex, she discovers that her and Julian have gotten married while they were drunk.  At first glance, I thought this was another cliché of getting married in Las Vegas and later realizing that "oh, we have to get a divorce" and later "oh I love you now, let's stay married". Actually that is exactly what happens in this book, but thank goodness that Mrs. Scott knows how to be creative and the result is a beautiful story about love, forgiveness, accepting that your insecurities can be a wonderful thing.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Now  let's get to the heat. I was so into this book that I was reading it while I was supposed to be working.  Horrible, right?  Anyways, as I was reading the naughty scenes, I had to look around to make sure that no one was watching me and knowing that I was in the middle of a sex scene. The one thing that made me laugh was the amount of times that she uses "Jesus" and "Christ".  It was used over 20 times and I found it hilarious. 

Though I enjoyed this book, it was not perfect.  There were times when the story slowed down and the characters thoughts was almost too much and the simple fact that this book is a little cheesy.  Julian was almost too perfect and the story did not have a real conflict other than the characters trying to come to terms with their feelings.  Julian swoops in and saves Kristen from her life.  There was not a hiccup anywhere in the story and when that happens it can slow a book down and make it less interesting.  Kristen would complain all day that Julian was a jerk, but would sleep with him the next second.  These types of female characters have no back bone and does not put up a fight. A group of friends is married to the group of brothers and cousins.  It did not present any touch of reality because the situation is too perfect for me and I rolled my eyes every time the female character from the other books talked about their husbands.  It was so cheesy and annoying.  I mean I know you love your husbands, but regular people just do not talk the way that these women in this book speak. It pulled me away from the story and I wish that the author would make them more realistic.

All laughs aside, this book was solid and it kept me entertained and it had the right amount of heat that I would expect from this author.  My only advice to the author would be to save some of the cheese and put it on something else. 


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