Turbulent Intentions by Melody Anne

The synopsis of the story and the author attracted me to this story. I have always loved her stories and I could not wait to fly in the skies with these sexy aviators. I was a little disappointed by all of the inner thoughts that the characters had, but overall I liked the book. This is book one of the Billionaire Aviators series and it is about Cooper and Stormy, which makes me think of X Men by the way). Cooper and his four brothers have ten years to settle down and get married or they will lose their inheritance. Not really needing the inheritance, Cooper sets out to do the opposite of his father's dying words and live life his way and not get tied down by a woman. In walks Stormy, dressed in a hip hugging, red dress and a blonde wig for the night and Cooper immediately takes notice of her at his friend's wedding. After a hot, steamy, one night stand, Stormy decides to runaway instead of facing her mystery lover. Fast-forward to six years later, Cooper is a pilot and Stormy is a barista at the airport's cafe and they run into each other and Cooper, the man whore that he is, does not remember Stormy. This little revelation breaks her heart and so starts the story.
 I really did not like Stormy because she just seems so dim witted and stupid to me. My first thought was how was someone supposed to remember you when you had a full disguise on and not to mention that is SIX years later. She had no back bone and when she does get one, she proceed to leave over something that she knew was not true about Cooper. At first she is upset about not remembering you and then when he does, you act like you don't remember him. When Cooper and Stormy do have a fight, she overhears something in a conversation between Cooper and his brother and common sense should have told her to think about all of the events that took place in their relationship and she would have known that she overreacted, which she admits later.

Okay, okay I am done rambling but this character should have been written better. There is one surprise in this story, just wait on it. Another thing that bothered me was the time frame. There is not distinguished time frame of everything that going on, but that is just a pet peeve of mine and its not a big problem. This is a good read overall and I recommend it.


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