I am going to do something that I have never done before.....I am going to publish one of my many poems.  Growing up, I was always a loner and in my alone time I would dream up a fantasy land or I would write poems to express my feelings.  When I became an adult I did not have much time to write poems and stories, so I just did not write any.  One day I was feeling really emotional (which happens a lot because I am an emotional person) and having the influence of alcohol, I decided to write a poem.  This poem reflects the feelings that I was feeling at the time and I always like to reread my poems at a later time so that I can reflect on my growth as a person.  Now, Now do not judge me okay and I am really putting myself out to the world with this post.  Read it and let me know what you think about it. ;)

You don’t fucking get it, do you?
Do you get how it makes me feel?
Do you even care about me?
Do you even care about how much love I have for you.?
Do you even care to be truthful to me?
To be compassionate and loving?
Loving me for my flaws and weaknesses?
Do you care about my mind and my soul?
Do you know why you should care about my Soul?
Because you possess it and your care for it determines its health?
Why her?
Is it because she is beautiful?
Is it because of her measurements?
You see, I am much more than that and I can make you…
Make you happy and healthy
And care for your heart as if it was my own.
Oh baby, please see me…
See me for who I am…
See me for the hurt that you conflicted..
The hurt that you constantly inflict on my heart and soul.
Love me for who I am…
Love me because you cant live without me…
Don’t love me for the kids that I bore for you…
Love me for being apart of your life and your soul…
And If you cant love me for that purpose….

Then you should let me go……


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